Our first visit is the "symbol" of Athens, the Acropolis fortified hill dedicated to the goddess Athena. You will be impressed by the architecture & the harmony of the monuments. In this famous sanctuary you will be excited by the "representative" of the ancient Greek civilization, the Parthenon Temple (the name Parthenon was given by the Athenians in honor of Athena Parthenos who was the patron of their city). Besides it & amongst others, you will discover the Erechtheion with the Karyatides statues, the Propylaea (main entrance of Acropolis) & the Temple of Athena Nike.


From the top of Acropolis you will be able to see the Herod Atticus Odeon (Herodion / built during second century AD & it is still active mainly for musical festivals) & the ruins of the ancient theater of Dionisos.

Our next visit is in the Olympieio where you will see the Hadrian’s Arch & the Temple of Olympian Zeus. We then proceed with a short visit of the famous Panathenaic Stadium (also known as Kallimarmaron) where the first modern Olympic Games took place in 1896. Our next point is the Presidential Mansion (former Royal palace) where you will be able to monitor the Change of Presidential Guard.


We then drive to the highest Athens point, the St. George Lycabetus Hill with the amazing panoramic view of Athens city. We continue our tour passing via major streets with important classical buildings (Academy, National Library, University), via the Syntagma Square (with the Parliament buinding & the Tomp of Unknown Soldier) & we finally reach the heart of the old Athens. You will find the famous Plaka with the narrow scenic streets, the Ancient Agora (with the Stoa of Attalos, the Temple of Hephaistos, the Tholos, etc) & the Monastiraki district.

Starting the second part of our tour, we drive along the coastal highway towards Peloponnese (see the area where the famous Naval Battle of Salamis took place in 480 B.C. between Greek city-states & the Persians), until to our first stop the Canal of Corinthos (Isthmus). Canal of Corinthos connects the Saronic & Corinthian Gulfs & separate Peloponnese from the rest Greek mainland. After spending a little time in the Canal (taking photos, etc), we continue for a very short time our tour until reaching the archaeological area of Ancient Corinthos. Amongst others, you will see the Temple of Apollo (one of the earliest Doric temples in Greece), the Peirene Fountain, the Temple E of Octavia, the Odeion (Odeum), the Theater, the Glauke Fountain & the famous Bema of St. Paul. In the Archaeological Museum you will see finds from pre-historic period, the Classical gallery, the Roman Gallery & the Asklepieion Gallery.


The last part of the tour will be allocated in visiting the medieval castle of Acrocorinthos (the Acropolis of Ancient Corinthos). You will see parts of the three Circuit Walls, ruins of the Aphrodite Temple & of the Ano Peirene Spring.

Our tour comes to the end with the returning to the starting point.


The above tour, as a private one, has flexible itinerary.
This means that you may choose to spend more or less time in specific sights/areas or even skip some in accordance to your wish and within the specified duration.
You may also add a visit to the New Acropolis Museum instead of Ancient Agora & Monastiraki district. Contact us for further info/details.

Tour Details

Pick up Points

  • Piraeus Port (Cruise Terminal), Athens International Airport, Hotel in Athens Centre, etc...


  • 8 Hours

Opening Hours

  • Athens Sites : Nov. – Mar. 08:00 – 16:30, April – Oct. : 08:00 – 20:00
  • Ancient Corinthos : Nov. – Mar. 08:30 – 15:00, April – Oct. : 08:00 – 20:00
Odeion Ancient Corinthos

Entrance Fees :

  • Acropolis : 20 € (reduced 10 €)
  • Olympieio : 6 € (reduced 3 €)
  • Ancient Agora : 8 € (reduced 4 €)
  • Special Ticket Package (valid of all the three above) : 30 € (reduced 15 €)
  • Ancient Corinthos (Archaeological Area & Museum) : 8 € (reduced 4 €)
  • Acrocorinthos : 2 € (reduced 1 €)
  • (Reduced Entrance Fee : EU Citizens over 65 years old / ID or Passport is required.
    Non EU students of higher & highest education / Student ID is required.)
  • (Free Entrance : Children under 18 years old / ID or Passport is required.
    EU students of higher & highest education / Student ID is required.
    Persons with disability over 67 % / Certification of disability is required.)

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